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Your Ally in U.S. Logistics.

Our priority is to offer our clients an efficient service at competitive rates.



We are able to make your purchases of everything related to the operation of your business. We can buy equipment, parts and supplies to be shipped on a regular or urgent to be dispatched as soon as possible for any emergency spares. We specialize in parts for heavy machinery, forklifts, cranes, engines. Many of our customers depend on our service for urgent purchase of equipment and parts.

We can make purchases in any form, either a purchase or commission either directly quote you the item or the party who are in need. Located in Miami, USA and we anticipate purchases anywhere in the U.S. or Europe.


Cargo Management

We handle the clearance of your cargo from anywhere in the United States by air or sea, using the best lines at the best prices. We handle all the movement, storage and packing of its cargo and respective transport.

Cargo Brokerage

We offer the Cargo Agent through our partner in Colombia, Hubemar – Level 1 Customs Agency. With over 35 years experience, is a leading Hubemar customs processes development in the technical, IT and legal area, representing before authorities and private individuals for importers and exporters, and foreign residents in its overall foreign trade procedures.
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Personal Shopping

Do not have a credit card to make purchases in United States? Doesnt matter, now we perform
your personal purchases and we will send them straight to your door, regardless of the value or the product type.
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